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[SUMMER COURSE IN CALIFORNIA, US] Managing Innovative Teams


​[CURSO EN ESTADOS UNIDOS] Managing Innovative Teams. Preinscríbete a este curso de verano que se realizará en la Universidad de California (Irvine). ​


Managing Innovative Teams

Two weeks program (39 hours of instruction)
June 23 – July 6, 2019
University Of California, Irvine - Division of Continuing Education

Professional Programs and Corporate Education Departments

Colombian Partner: Universidad de los Andes, Facultad de Ingeniería

Programa de Liderazgo en Ingeniería

Course Description:

This course will prepare students to manage an innovative team through a Strategic Thinking Process. Unlike a traditional management course, our focus is on strategic thinking management and leadership from the unique lens of an innovative process. Students will learn practical strategies to innovate their management teams in order to meet their future organizational goals.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

- Differentiate between Strategic Thinking versus Strategic Planning

- Understand why most businesses often fail to meet their organizational goals

- Differentiate between Strategic versus Operational Objectives

- Manage and neutralize their competitor’s strategy

- Formulate, articulate, communicate, and implement a Strategic Thinking process designed to help companies achieve their desired future organizational results


- Innovation

- Team Project Overview

- Building Leadership Skills

- Global Human Resources Management

- Ethics

- Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills

- Facilitated Team Project Work

- Strategic Planning

- Design Thinking

- Agile Project Development

- Business Plan Development

- Group Project Work

- One Million Cups

- Marketing Innovation

- Entrepreneurial Communications & Presentation skills

Consult the full program and instructors here.

Do your pre-registration in the following link.

Investment:  USD 2300

UCI: USD 1875

Uniandes: USD 425